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Client Details

SEPT Competence Center
Universität Leipzig, Germany

Services Provided

Content Creation: Handbook,
Video Lectures on DVD & PPT

Project Timeline

1 Month for Handbook, 2 Months for Lecture Recording & PowerPoint

Project Overview

The International SEPT Competence Center is a research and training center at the Faculty of Economics and Management Science of Leipzig University. They have a special department called “International Startup Campus” which is dedicated to training and supporting startups in Germany and abroad. 

The objective of this project was to create an online course, handbook and PowerPoint presentation contents to equip both local and international prospective entrepreneurs and young professionals on how to plan, run and manage a business in Germany.

SCOPE: Creation of Online Course “How to start a Business in Germany?” First, to develop course content and record videos. Second, preparation of PowerPoint slides,  create graphical elements of about 15-20 pages and thirdly, publish a handbook of about  30-40 pages. 

Project Overview

Project Delivery

The project was delivered successfully within the space of three months. The delivered package was a colorfully designed handbook, recorded and edited video lessons and PowerPoint presentation slides. Contents developed include the following topics: Introduction, Overview of the German Business Culture, Starting a Business in Germany, Legal conditions in Germany, Self Employment, Administrative Steps to Start a Business in Germany, Taxes and Premiums, Hiring Workers, Leipzig as a Place to Start a Business – Key Factors, Available Startups Support, Initiatives in Leipzig and Other Startup Supports in Germany.

DVD Lecture Series
PowerPoint Slides