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I offer startup management support, professional training and tailor-made business development services for both emerging and existing businesses.

Startups Coaching & Corporate Branding

How to Start a Business in 3 Steps - Watch Training Video

Training for Individuals and Startups

Learner-Centred Insights
Innovative Growth Strategies
Creative Organisational Cultures
Organisational Transformation

For those who want to Start new a Business

Business Starter Coaching Kick-start your business and get continuous support

Have you spotted a market gap? We offer step-by-step advice for prospective entrepreneurs and infant start-ups trying to ground your feet in the market via our online coaching series. Together we can create your business from the scratch, test and scale a transformative business model that will enhance your competitiveness.

We support our customers by taking them through the topics below:

Lift your business off the ground in just 3 steps

Idea Management

We will help you to try and identify opportunities in the market and generate new ideas.


Product/Service Development

We will help you to develop products and services through from prototyping to testing.



We will help you to design strategies to launch new products and services to the market.


For Existing Businesses

Enterprise Management

Together with you we develop an online or in-house training series for your managers and employees. You will receive a tailor-made concept that will improve your business from  our online coaching experts. 

Gain practical innovative management solutions that helps you to have well rounded organisational oversight and boost team performance. 

  • Identify your most critical internal and  external obstacles;
  • Map out your current business model and identify areas that are functioning well and those that are not;
  • Get to know your customers’ current and emerging needs;

Some topics that awaits you to improve your business

Get your Business Up And Running Our Innovative Approach

Looking to identify new growth opportunities? Accelerate growth by identifying & exploiting avenues to boost profitability & competitive edge.

We are here to help you identify challenges and waste across many functional areas in your business. You will be provided with practical solutions to cutdown cost, get your business running and focus on what matters to customers in just three steps.

Gap Analysis


Innovative Solution


Optimize Operations


Do you need a quick business plan?

Let's write a professional business plan for your next business without any stress.

Do you have a special need?

We understand that sometimes our customers have special needs which have not been covered by the various packages. We always do our best to tailor our services to satisfy the needs of customers.