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I offer startup management support, professional training and tailor-made business development services for both emerging and existing businesses.

About Our Company

Learning platform for Start-ups, Professionals and Businesses. 

Startups vision board is a vibrant platform of innovation and entrepreneurship ideas for both existing and emerging businesses. We desire to make our community the world’s most stimulating and supportive business and academic environment to promote innovation and business growth. We offer online consulting, High Performance Masterclasses, online courses and provide business development support services which include  Mentorship and coaching,  tailored to entrepreneurs, startups, students, corporate entities and professionals.

Our Vision

To raise more transformational business leaders in the area of innovation, technology and management who will impact positively on the world’s economy.

Our Mission

Our mandate is to match the needs of SMEs through quality training and coaching whilst promoting business growth through tailor-made business support services.