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I offer startup management support, professional training and tailor-made business development services for both emerging and existing businesses.

Client Details

Goshen Ventures,

Services Provided

Website Design +
Business Coaching.

Project Timeline

3 Months of Training + 9 Months
of Business Coaching

Project Overview

This project came in two folds. First was Business Coaching, Product Development plus Website Design and International Business Model Design. The client wanted Startup Coaching and a complete website design. In addition, she wanted to export her products into the international market. 

COACHING TOPICS: Ideation, Brainstorming & Creativity, Visual Thinking & Visual Prototyping, Strategy, Vision and Mission statements, Branding, Brand Identity concept design, Product line design, Value Proposition Design, Value Map, Kano Model, Business Model Canvas, Product / Service Description, Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Marketing and Distribution, Business System, Enterprise Management, and Financial Planning.  

Logo Design Concepts

Project Delivery

Utilizing the benefits of practice-oriented learning, the project was completed without incident. With a more constructivist approach to training, the participants were driven to actively participate not only in a discussion but also in completing the tools and exercises offered to them in order to assist them relate the recently learned information to their own, day-to-day situations. The project was concluded with a website design and coaching on preparation for internationalization, product adoption and exports.