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I offer startup management support, professional training and tailor-made business development services for both emerging and existing businesses.

Client Details

Maame's Kitchen,
United Kingdom

Services Provided

Corporate Branding +
Business Coaching.

Project Timeline

3 Months of Training + 9 Months
of Business Coaching

Project Overview

This project came in two folds. First was Business Coaching plus Corporate Branding and Product Design. The client wanted Enterprise restructuring coaching and training. In addition, she wanted a logo and product labels. 

TRAINING TOPICS: Ideation, Brainstorming & Creativity, Visual Thinking & Visual Prototyping, Strategy, Vision and Mission statements, Branding, Brand Identity concept design, Product line design, Value Proposition Design, Value Map, Kano Model, Business Model Canvas, Product / Service Description, Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Marketing and Distribution, Business System, Enterprise Management, and Financial Planning.  

Logo Design Concepts

mockup-of-two-wine-tumblers-placed-on-a-small-table-m246 (3)
Screenshot 2021-04-11 183721

Project Delivery

Other Graphic Design Services: Designed Luxurious Labels for the following products: “Maame’s Original” (Mild), (Hot) and (Extra Hot), Size: 20cm x 8cm.  “Jollof Rice Cooking Sauce”, Size: 22cm x 8cm. And “Maame’s Shito”, Size: 20cm x 8cm. The project was delivered successfully within the first three months. The delivered package was a colorfully designed Company Logo and six beautiful Product Labels. 

Product/Label Design
Product/Label Design
Product/Label Design
Product/Label Design
Product/Label Design