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I offer startup management support, professional training and tailor-made business development services for both emerging and existing businesses.

Client Details

Gamali Ventures,

Services Provided

Business Plan Writing +
Investor Pitch Deck

Project Timeline

10 Days for business plan writing,
5 Days for developing a pitch deck.

Project Overview

The goal of this project was to write a complete business plan and an investor deck or pitch deck. The client wanted to start a Gas Station business and needed to know more about the filling station business, the market trend, competitors and anticipated revenue projections.

The main business model will be retailing clean and affordable fuel together with other petroleum products to both private and commercial vehicle drivers. Also, there would be additional automotive services such as repairs, car wash and sales of general parts including a one-stop shop for petroleum, pharmaceutical and confectionaries.

CONTENTS: Business Overview, Strategy, Vision and Mission statements, Branding, Brand Identity concept design, Product line design, Value Proposition Design, Value Map, Product / Service Description, Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Marketing and Distribution, Business System, Enterprise Management, and Financial Planning.  

Project Delivery

The project was concluded within a space of 15 days based on the client’s choice of package.  The final contents delivered to the client were a 40-Paged detailed Business Plan (Microsoft Word and PDF files), a Financial Plan including three years  of revenue projections (Microsoft Excel file) and an Investor Deck in Microsoft PowerPoint format. 

The client was happy to receive a business plan with the following content: Executive Summary, Company Overview, Products & Services, Business Model, Operation Model, Market Research, Industry Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Opportunity Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Operations Strategy, Management Structure, Milestones & Timeline, Risks & Mitigation, Investment Plan ( ROI )  and Investor Deck as add-on package.