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I offer startup management support, professional training and tailor-made business development services for both emerging and existing businesses.

Client Details

Social Impact gGmbH
Munich, Germany

Services Provided

Online Business Coaching and
Business Plan Development.

Project Timeline

12 Months contract to offer business coaching services.

Project Overview

The Training Consultant of Startup Vision Board offered to provide an eight modules training workshop on startup incubation and business launch for StartHope@Home candidates in Germany.  The training covered basic, intermediate, and advanced skills required for each candidate to start his or her own business in their home country.

The objective was to facilitate on behalf of Social Impact GmbH on their StartHope@Home project and offer subject-specific coaching, training, and workshops for candidates both individually and in groups. The aim of the program was to support the participants in a professional way and prepare them for re-entry into their country of origin. Due to the high unemployment rates in their countries, the professional qualification of each candidate was focused mainly on strengthening entrepreneurial competence as preparation for self-employment.

Project Overview

Training Methodology/Work plan

The project was smoothly delivered leveraging the value of practice-oriented learning. With a more constructivist approach to training, after the introduction of key concepts on each area and sub-area, the participants were motivated to actively participate not only in a discussion but also in completing the tools presented and exercises designed to help them connect the newly acquired knowledge to their specific, day-to-day situations.

The coaching highlighted key areas in establishing a startup where much attention was given to developing value propositions, market research, and segmentation, customers segmentation and prototyping. Each candidate at the end was able to develop their own business plan including a financial plan; startup cost, estimated revenue, operating expenses, and forecast.